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Then open a sell trade and place stop-loss a few pips above the swing high. Here I have explained a simple trading strategy using the confluence of support or resistance zones with the inside bar indicator. When you follow these four parameters, the chances of winning this candlestick pattern will increase. These parameters are necessary, and successful traders use the confluences in their trading strategies. Without confluences, the market noise will not let you become a profitable trader, and you’ll lose in trading.


If there is an uptrend, a bullish pin bar indicates an upcoming breakout upwards. If there is a downtrend, a bearish pin bar signals that a price is going to break out downwards. The Inside Bar is a popular candlestick pattern used in Forex trading to indicate indecision or consolidation in the market. It is formed when the high and low of a price bar is completely within the high and low of the previous bar. This pattern can be used to identify key levels of support and resistance for a currency pair, and can also be used as a potential signal for a future price breakout.

First, find an inside bar pattern at the break of support zone using the inside bar indicator. After this, wait for the break of the high of the inside candlestick and then open a buy trade. The same is in force for bearish breakout of the inside range, but in the opposite direction.

What does an Inside Bar look like?

After a price crossed EMA 8/21, a new trend started to steam up following the formation of an inside bar. The breakout of a mother bar indicated that the price would continue to go up, which is exactly what happened. Inside days refer to a candlestick pattern that forms after a security has experienced daily price ranges within the previous day’s high-low range. That is, the price of the security has traded “inside” the upper and lower bounds of the previous trading session.

  • When you are buying, the stop loss should be located below the lowest point of the inside bar.
  • The reward offsets the risk significantly and enhances the end result in this trading strategy.
  • The only inside bars that can be traded against the trend are those that formed a strong support/resistance levels.
  • For example, the inside bar pattern could also be formed with a large first candle and a second tiny Doji candle.
  • This is actually a trade setup that was called here at Daily Price Action and has worked out beautifully thus far.

There’s good reason for this, and that reason is mainly because on time frames under the daily chart, inside bars simply grow too numerous to be worth trading. When analyzing chart patterns to identify potential volatility with an asset’s price, an inside bar indicator is one of the stronger signals traders can spot. Inside bars on a candlestick chart represent the consolidation of price action where the bulls and bears are both struggling to move the price higher or lower from its current position.


However, they can also inside bar forex at market turning points and act as reversal signals from key support or resistance levels. Be careful when dealing with inside bars that formed at the key support/resistance levels on daily charts. Prepare to face an abundance of fake signals and false breakouts.

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In this case you could sell the Forex pair and you put a stop loss right above the upper candlewick of the inside bar. In the above GBPUSD H4, the market is already in an existing uptrend with higher highs and lower lows. You can easily identify the 2 candle inside bar trading pattern during the uptrend. So, the consolidation could potentially due to the pause in the current uptrend.

What is the best time frame for trading the inside bar candle pattern?

This ID NR4 trading pattern is quite a prolific and reliable setup that astute traders can take advantage of. The power of this formation is hidden in the consolidative character of the formation. Since the inside day candle is also the smallest of the last four daily sessions, this means that the range is relatively tight and it is likely to break out with a sharp reaction. If you are a fan of pure price action Forex trading using candlestick patterns, then this lesson will be of particular interest to you.

  • When looking at a candlestick chart, you can spot an inside bar indicator when a given bar’s high and low are fully contained by the bar directly preceding it.
  • For that matter, you can use support and resistance levels, a Fibonacci retracement tool, MACD, RSI, and MAs.
  • If you are trying to trade the Inside Bars, but your orders are stopped out too soon, you can also consider using the supports and resistances for placing Stop-Losses.
  • Based on the trending price movement of the pair, you should also consider the risk/reward potential of any given trade.

For example, an ascending triangle chart pattern, coupled with inside days, may foretell a bullish movement in the stock; conversely, a descending triangle is historically a bearish signal. Other common pairings with inside days as a short-term trading strategy are the relative strength index , moving average convergence divergence , and simple moving averages . Inside days can be indicative of indecision in the market for a security, showing little price movement relative to the previous trading days.

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. Inside days may be contrasted with outside days, in which a day’s candlestick chart exceeds the bounds of a prior day’s high and low. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.


From here you can look for a potential bearish reversal trading opportunity using this pattern. Because an inside bar is an easy indicator to identify, it’s a strong data point for both amateurs and seasoned traders to consider. Just make sure to use the inside bar as a starting point for further evaluation of potential trading positions.

The of the inside bar candlestick should be in the direction of a trend reversal. For example, if a harami or inside bar candlestick pattern forms after the resistance level break, the inside bar candlestick should break in the bearish direction. In case of a support level breakout, the inside bar candle should break in the bullish direction. To evaluate this risk/reward ratio, you may want to consider other technical indicators and chart patterns you regularly use in your trade analysis.

And the low of the Inside Bar pattern is higher than the low of the previous candle. The high of the Inside Bar pattern is lower than the high of the previous candle. So the Inside Bar candle is simply located inside the range of the previous candle. In the picture below, you can see a few highlighted Inside Bars. Partnerships Help your customers succeed in the markets with a HowToTrade partnership. Trading analysts Meet the market analyst team that will be providing you with the best trading knowledge.

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It can also be a time where the bulls and bears of market forces are also almost of equal strength and each really don’t know what direction to take on their trades. A doji is a trading session where a security’s open and close prices are virtually equal. The inside pattern indicates a smaller trading range in relation to previous days’ intraday trading ranges. Enter Break of Engulfing Larger Candle Inside Candle method is a great short term consolidation indicator.


The blue circle on the image points to the inside day candle. Also take note of the three blue arrows at the left side of the image, which shows that the previous three candles on the chart are actually bigger than the inside candle. Therefore, we confirm that the inside candle is also the narrowest range day of the last 4 daily sessions. The image demonstrates an inside day with narrow range a.k.a the ID-NR4 Pattern. See the image below for a depiction of the Inside day pattern.

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